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Meditation is very complex! If you want to discover what meditation is, you have to ask: why does one have to meditate?In realising the brain is constantly chattering, planning and designing - what will it do, what has it done? The brain is constantly in motion. 

The Concept
Of Meditation:

The idea of meditation is to make the brain quiet, completely attentive, and in that attention, find that which is eternal or something sacred. That is the intention of those who really have gone into this question.

The idea of meditation is to achieve an end - being complete control of the brain so that there is no movement or thought. This is achieved through practice over a period of time. 

Image by Colton Sturgeon
What Meditation
Can Do For You?
  • Peace of mind

  • Better sleep

  • More engaged with family and friends

  • Improved work performances 

  • Improved sports performances

  • Benefits in all aspects of your life

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